"I looked for an affordable studio apartment for 4 weeks before I met and Bianca and she took me to 1049 W. Oakdale – I rented it instantly! It seems all the studios in Lakeview are east – great if you like the lake –not so great if you use the L Train!  This is the perfect place for me – large, sunny, hardwood floors BUT mostly because the trains (and my favorite bars) are a 3 minute walk." - Carlos

"Amazing is what I have to say !!!! I was making the move back to my home town of Chicago, not knowing anything about the area or the apartment, but Booby was so helpful and understanding of what I needed.  When I came in to sign my lease it was the easiest lease signing I have Ever done in and out in less than 30 minutes.  It is the perfect location the El is 100 yards away and I love the bars and restaurants on Sheffield!" - Kristi


"I lived in a studio apartment at 1049 Oakdale for $975/month for the first year of my lease, and in the second year it was increased just a teeny bit to $1025/month. For being in the middle of Lakeview on a tree-lined street right off of Sheffield, that's a bargain. The building engineer is extremely prompt in fixing any issues in the units. There was rarely a time when it took him longer than a day to address something. The building is kept clean and there was no security deposit for me or my cat!" - Jimmy

"I love living at 1049 W. Oakdale!  Both my building engineer and the corporate office are very tenant centric!  They are always right there on top of any request you have and get back to you right away to let you know of the status of any maintenance or just questions in general. Great communication, quick repairs and overall nice people.  Definitely can't say a single bad thing about them in the 2 years we rented from them."  - Erin